Food has been one of the most defining passions in my life.

A Photographer and Food Stylist who also happens to be a Vegan Chef with 15 years of Experience

I started cooking when I was a just child.  I got my first kitchen job in 2003, in the deli of a health food store in Montana.  After introducing a few of my own Vegan recipes, in 2004 I took the title Baker in the same store.  I would remain in cake and pastry for years to come.  Although life’s winds would blow me across state lines and eventually across an Ocean, the culinary arts would remain my livelihood.

In Washington, Whole Foods became my culinary home and honed my skills in cake decorating and pastry.  I joined an artisan bakery, learned the secrets of sourdoughs and traditional baking techniques.

Finally in Ireland I expanded my ‘professional relationship’ with food, from baking into the wider realm of cheffing, eventually working my way up to Head Chef of Seasons, in Skerries.  In addition to leading the culinary side of the business, I also looked after the creation and maintenance of the restaurant’s Website and Social Media accounts, providing all of the food styling and photography.

I made two of my best decisions in 2017.  First, after 20 years of vegetarianism I became a fully fledged vegan.  Second, I launched my own dedicated food website Diced and Spiced where I share my Vegan Recipes alongside insightful Nutrition and Lifestyle blog posts by my better half.

If you are looking for a Food Stylist and Food Photographer, in particular for a Vegan Café, Restaurant, or Food Blog, please get in touch.  Let me show you how my unique background in vegan cooking and my experience running both a restaurant and it’s online presence in Ireland will become a valuable asset to your culinary venture.


Daniel Geesen


Dublin, Ireland