Two page photographer spread in Skerries News!

Local biweekly news publication Skerries News chose me for their current installment of “Behind the Lensskerries photographers in the frame“!

I’m delighted for the feature, and can’t thank the editors enough! It’s brilliant to join the ranks of fellow Skerries photographers Ian Murphy and Ian Richter, the only other two photographers to be ran in Skerries News’ “Behind the Lens” series so far!

The headline reads “A keen sense of place and an eye for the otherwordly” David Diebold has a way with words and did a great job on the article.

Skerries News Article
Daniel Geesen’s two page spread in Skerries News

The sneak-peak photograph on the right and the headline are all I will share for now, since the issue is still current and for sell in Skerries stores. So if you want to see and hear more you’ll just have to go pick up a copy!

Thanks for the honour.


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