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Seasons Café baker Daniel’s stunning pics of Skerries in new calendar - MEET the baker from popular Seasons of Strand Street, otherwise one of the star photographers from our 2012 community calendar project this year. Daniel came to Ireland from the States in 2008. “I have always had a strong interest in the visual arts and experimented with painting and drawing before studying photography,” says the young father. “Of course now I am married to beautiful and talented artist Suzanne Brady I don’t dare try my hand at traditional art, but am content using photography as my creative outlet. “We count ourselves very lucky to live in Skerries. The seascapes have greatly influenced both my photography and my wife’s painting. But Daniel’s other great passion is food. “I have worked as a professional baker for years. In 2010 I found my culinary home at Seasons. When he’s not cooking, Daniel works as a freelance photographer, as well as graphic and web designer. “My most recent project was my website, Daniel-,” he says. “I enjoy all photography; long exposure night photography as in the calendar’s February photo, and HDR photography as in ‘Seaweed and Rocks’ where 11 exposures were used to capture the seascape’s dynamic range.”I just wanted to say a quick thank you to Skerries News.  Not only did they select five of my photographs for the Unseen Skerries 2012 Calendar, but they also wrote a nice little article on me in the current edition of Skerries News!

Seasons Café baker Daniel’s stunning pics of Skerries in new calendar

MEET the baker from popular Seasons of Strand Street, otherwise one of the star photographers from our 2012 community calendar project this year. Daniel came to Ireland from the States in 2008. “I have always had a strong interest in the visual arts and experimented with painting and drawing before studying photography,” says the young father.

“Of course now I am married to beautiful and talented artist Suzanne Brady I don’t dare try my hand at traditional art, but am content using photography as my creative outlet.

“We count ourselves very lucky to live in Skerries. The seascapes have greatly influenced both my photography and my wife’s painting. But Daniel’s other great passion is food. “I have worked as a professional baker for years. In 2010 I found my culinary home at Seasons.

When he’s not cooking, Daniel works as a freelance photographer, as well as graphic and web designer. “My most recent project was my website,,” he says. “I enjoy all photography; long exposure night photography as in the calendar’s February photo, and HDR photography as in ‘Seaweed and Rocks’ where 11 exposures were used to capture the seascape’s dynamic range.”

You can access the newspaper on archive at and you can purchase the 2012 Skerries Calendar at for €12.99 including delivery (or from any shop in Skerries for €9.99)!



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